- modular construction-system and parametric toolkit
- high degree of freedom for more freedom in design  
TOWER LOUNGE 1.5MB pdf-file / needs AcrobatReader3D / .pdf
- booth with lounge and office
- fast built with the Freigrad-System  
VARIABLE KONSTANTE 1MB pdf-file / needs AcrobatReader / .pdf
- an artist community at the seaside
- live and work in one place
- flexible floorplans possible throught Freigrad-system  
SEEBRUECKE 479MB zip-file / needs AcrobatReader, DivX / .avi .pdf .exe
- study and plan for a Colani-Design
- my thinking of the "Endless-House" concept by Friederich Kiesler  
AGENTDIGITAL 72MB zip-file / needs AcrobatReader, DivX / .avi .pdf
- from design through to making a prototype of this piece of office furniture
STAHLBETONCARBON 12MB zip-file / needs DivX / .avi .jpg
- a series of construction experiments
- FEM-optimized  
SPORTMOTOR 47MB pdf-file / needs AcrobatReader / .pdf
- a factory(DEUTZ) which makes motors for sport boats
- office inclusive
- flexibility and less cost through prefabricated building elements  
TRIMARAN 48MB zip-file / .exe
- charter-hotel for the holiday-island "Ruegen"
- temporary = environmentally friendly
- no traffic jams on the "Ruegen-dam"
- every beach experienced in the holidays  
HOLOPRO 137MB zip-file / needs AcrobatReader / .mpeg .pdf
- science fiction communication design in an important context
- my inspiration for the "Haus am Horn" (Georg Muche/BAUHAUS)  
PANORAMA 17MB WinRar-archive / needs AcrobatReader / .pdf .jpg
- a tower block plan developed at the "HdK Berlin"
- healthy views of the outside, good air quality and possibilities for interaction
- urban context on the Spree River (Berlin)  
BOOTHAUS 6MB zip-file / needs AcrobatReader / .pdf
- airplane techniques in architecture
- the house for a skipper in a minimal building site  

<1MB pdf-file / needs AcrobatReader / .pdf
- my cv